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How it works

1. Shop your favorite Readymade saree online at our Sarashape site. 
2. Pull up the saree over a tight legging or a saree contour and comfortably tie it up on the right side of your waist.
3. The sarees come with readymade pleats, all made evenly to give your body a perfect shape. Once you hook the saree on your waist, the pleats will automatically fall into their place without having to tuck it. Just bring the pleats to the canter for a beautiful fall.

4. Now take the pallu of the saree and place it over your left shoulder. Use safety pins to secure the pallu with the blouse.

That’s it! You are all ready to glam up your look on any special occasion or party – and in less than a minute. These ready-to-wear sarees are just saviors! Particularly at times when you need to haste to an event and yet look beautiful.

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