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"The Latest Fashions at SaraShape!"

Stay assured, Sarashape team will be contacting you for size information, once your order is placed !

What makes SARASHAPE  worth the try or switch ?

* PROTECTS YOUR SKIN NEAR WAIST AREA. Normal cotton inskirts tends to create harsh red marks in the waist area. But our sareeshaper has both drawstring and elastic at waist. So even if u tie it tightly there won’t be any red marks. And it’s completely sage on your skin.

* FIT - MOVES WITH YOUR BODY. We know, no one person is the same. Thats why we have 4 sizes that is inclusive of size and heights. People come in all sizes, heights and shapes so we've made this sareeshaper very stretchy & with heavy flare at bottom so it doesn’t rolls up.

* DURABLE AND LASTING.SARASHAPE  sareeshaper outlasts the most competent organic cotton in keeping shape, strength, and durability three times over than cotton ones. Best in class. Will be a value addition to your wardrobe and life. And the colour doesn’t fades.


₹599.00 Regular Price
₹399.05Sale Price
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